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Forward your missed calls, or get a new number, and Simple Phones will answer it using AI.

Use Cases:
- Service firms: law firms, notaries, mortgage brokers, plumbers
- Startups: mobile apps, small teams, solopreneurs
- Ecommerce: customer support, sales, partnerships
- Enterprise: IT departments, Help desks, 1st line support


All calls are answered by a customized AI voice agent which improves over time: your agent will be tweaked on an ongoing basis to improve its performance and handling of edge cases.

Calls can be routed or forwarded to different numbers, and texts or emails can be sent to your team members, alerting them to specific customer needs.

There is a transparent record of all calls: who they are from, the duration, and the cost of the call. You can also interact with your agent for free via a chat screen in your dashboard.

You have full control over how much you'd like to spend. It works just like a pre-paid calling card: You decide how much balance to add to your account, and you can refill it at any time.

Your AI agent can be highly customized to your use case. Whether it be for booking appointments, calculating mortgage payments, or answering FAQs, your customers will be impressed.

Simple Phones is committed to providing a high-quality experience, ensuring that your questions are answered and your revisions are implemented quickly and accurately.

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